Growing Cyber Threats Open New Career Chances

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The cybersecurity market was valued at USD 120 billion in 2018 and is estimated to reach over USD 260 billion in the coming five years. Internet penetration, vulnerable wireless networks and growing numbers of data centres have increased the number of cyber attacks. Stricter regulations regarding data privacy paired with the swelling number of cyber […]

How Machine Translation Can Help Most Online Services

Industrial and machinery translations allow for everyday entities trying to expand their viewership to entirely different regions, cultures, countries, etc. just with the accessibility of a multitude of languages.

What Is Demand-Driven Manufacturing?

Only in our new era of increasing interconnectivity is true demand-driven manufacturing possible because it depends so closely on real-time communication and workflow syncing.

Video Assistant Referee Technology: A Hit Or Miss?

One of the world’s first full-time rugby referee, Ed Morrison, said the following when asked about VAR and football“All of us are slow to accept change in all walks of life.“In rugby, some people accepted professionalism and what it meant, whereas I struggled with it.