5 Tactics to Use Big Data in Your Marketing Strategy

Big data is everywhere and it is growing fast. By 2020, 1.7mb of data will be created every second for every person on this planet. Businesses use big data to reveal trends that help improve business strategy including marketing strategy.

8 Overlooked Benefits of an Ottoman

Ottomans are a unique piece of furniture as they are both modern and traditional in their own accord. Following, we are going to discuss some of the overlooked benefits of having one of these and change your perspective on them. These are as functional as classy, yet they are mostly overlooked.

SocialUpgrade Is a Scam! Stay Away!

Many people that have purchased SocialUpgrade’s services have reported negative experiences. Some complain about how Instagram prompted them to change their passwords due to suspicious activity just a few hours after they had signed up for SocialUpgrade.

How Salespeople Can Protect Themselves from Fraudsters

With the state cybersecurity is in, you have a personal duty to follow news on how fraudsters commit their crime, as well as ways to keep them at bay. Here are three major steps to take if you want to get ahead of these problem givers.

Day trips from Kolkata

West Bengal is a state situated in the east of India and by the Bay of Bengal. This state has many places of beauty that are located at a convenient distance from its capital – Kolkata.

4 Lessons TemplateMonster Learned the Hard Way

In 2002, when we just started, there were only 5 members on our team. We knew each other very good and were close friends. Now we have offices in 8 countries and more than 500 team members, but still, we are more like a family.