Surefire Tips to Boost Productivity at Work

Do you believe that workplace or office can have a direct impact on overall work efficiency and performance of employees? Many studies have shown it to be true. Employees in a standard office setup – that is, workstations with hard chairs and bright lights are less productive as compared to employees who are working in […]

Tech Essentials every business must have

Whether you are running a small bakery or a repair shop with more than 5 employees, you will definitely need an apt solution for managing your finances and clients.

Latest Mobile app development trends that matter

Mobile apps developed with AI, UX designs are predictable to become more powerful, appealing and interactive in years to come. It is also said by experts that mobile applications with an Artificial Intelligence (AI) infused & having ability to learn about user preferences will be a super hot trend to stand out from the crowd in years to come.

Essential tips for finding reliable transport services in the UK

Whether you are moving from an old residence to new one, want to get your recently purchased dream car delivered to your garage or simply want to move business assets from one unit to another, finding the best transport services in the UK can seem like a daunting task.

Why the Google Pixel 3 Could Become the Dominant Smartphone in 2018

If you were to walk through Google’s graveyard, you’d find that it was mostly populated by failed hardware projects. From dual-OS tablets to the ill-fated Google Glass, these projects have underlined the brand’s struggles with physical products and innovations through the years.

Augmented Reality and its impact on the toy industry

According to reports, way back in the year 2007 alone, the volume of sales of toys across the globe was recorded at USD$78.1 billion, which grew by more than 7% till the time it attained USD$84.1 billion in 2012. This data was furnished by the Toy Industry Association (which is US based).

The benefits of Cisco’s Wide Area Network Automation Engine

A wide area network (WAN) is a private telecommunications network that provides the infrastructure to interlink the firm’s local area networks (LANs) together. A WAN allows for geographically distributed facilities to connect with each other. They usually consist of connections between the company’s headquarters, branch offices and cloud services, however it is often best to hire WAN specialists to install a bespoke network

Staying Positive in the Face of a Loved One’s Descent into Dementia

The problem we face as family members of someone whose mind has begun to deteriorate is that we often get the feeling that they are doing or saying odd things on purpose.  This leads to anger, frustration, and very hard feelings.  In this short piece we’ll discuss the symptoms of dementia.  It’s not as simple as you might think.

5 ways negotiation training maintains revenue streams

A well-rounded workforce is essential to compete in the current industry, with agile businesses able to adapt to changing climates, usually coming out on top. One such skill that more and more companies are choosing to train their employees in is the art of negotiation.

New Industry Ideas

Entrepreneurs, funders and others who want to get in the ground floor of an industry that has a good chance of bringing in significant revenues can check out some of these new ideas.