How Social Media is Changing the Fashion World

Technology might not be directly tied to fashion, but it has had tremendous impacts on the fashion industry. Even just a decade back, ecommerce was unheard of, marketing budgets went towards fashion weeks and storefronts, and inventory took about 2 years to go from concept to the shelf.

Minimalist Web Design Secrets

One of the main goals of a website is to impress its audience visually. Well, inexperienced designers have a habit of interpreting this as cramming as many high-res images, videos and interactive elements as they possibly can into the layout of the page.

Top 10 Packing Tips for Ecommerce

The eCommerce industry is on the boom and every buyer expects to be treated with the best value for money. In pursuit of getting more leads, the online stores are working on improving product presentation, optimizing checkout process and selecting innovative packing procedures.