3 Steps to Creating Ad Network from Scratch

Selecting the right channel for promotion is a key to a business success. With the variety of ad types, companies are facing the difficulties of choice and not always get back the result from the ad campaign they’ve expected. Traditional advertising is losing its power and is not as effective as it was before. Recent […]

How Enhancements in Technology Have Affected Gamers

As gaming technology continues to evolve rapidly, it is hard to keep track of every little change that is brought into the mix on a regular basis now, but there have been a few profound changes in gaming that shifted and changed things up quite significantly in the recent years. Next, we are going to […]

How the Blockchain is Set to Transform the Online Gambling Industry

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, in general, are set to have an effect on virtually every industry. One of the sectors that seem to be the most promising is the online gambling industry. Let’s take look at how the blockchain is set to transform the industry and what it means for casino operators and players. We’ll […]

Why Everyone Hates People Who Text & Drive…While Texting & Driving

Imagine this: Brandon is cut off by another driver who is swerving through traffic during rush hour. As the other driver was overtaking Brandon, he was infuriated to see that they were accomplishing the maneuver while using their mobile phone. Angered by this experience, Brandon reaches for his cell phone to tell his friends what […]

IoT vs Healthcare

Much time has passed since the IoT had promised to invent tools that will make healthcare better and cheaper. But for some reason, these promises are still not realized.

The Five Best Businesses for Audio Technology

When looking for home audio systems, hi-fi, or professional equipment, you want to make sure you are buying from the best of the best. Here are five of the best brands for audio technology.

Why You Should Say No to Smoking

Cigarettes are addictive, often because of the alleged sensational experience that they can give when smoking. Once addicted it is difficult to wean away from the problem as it induces you into enjoying more of it.