5 Laws that Internet Marketers Need to Know

There are three key legal areas that marketers need to consider: data collection and privacy; FTC rules and regulations; and intellectual property.Here are five laws that digital marketers need to know

Proper Credentials Count

When we’re looking for outside expertise, we need it to be just that: expertise, not some random fly-by-night operation that seemingly sprung up out of nowhere.

The new meaning of customer service

Customer service takes on a whole new meaning because consumers are no longer passive recipients but play an active role in communications and, increasingly, in the process of creating products.

Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi, An Engineer With No Boundaries

Engineer and businessman, Mohamed Ayachi Ajroudi is the entrepreneur behind several technological innovations and numerous international companies. Originally from Tunisia, he continued his studies in France, and since 1981 is resident in Saudi Arabia.

About Playtika

What began as an Indian startup gaming company with about 15 employees in 2010 was eventually sold for around $4.4 billion in late 2016. The company, Playtika, is known for creating casino-style games specifically for social media networks.

Small Investors, Get Ready for Crypto Index Funds

This past week, Bitcoin soared to approach $10,000 in what has been a record-setting year. But there are over a thousand cryptocurrencies, and with the current bull market it can be hard for potential investors to keep watching from the sidelines.

COVESTING: How Does It Work?

Covesting provides a copy trading platform for investors and managers to follow reputable and expert traders, and gain substantial income from replicating their strategies.

Six myths about GDPR

If you run a business in the UK, you will probably have heard of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This new piece of legalization will come into force next year and it’s important for you to be making the necessary changes to your company to ensure that it will comply with the rules. these are the myths to disband.