How are Gains on Cryptocurrency Taxed in the US?

bitcoin on gold circuit background

When you first buy cryptocurrency, tax might be far from your mind. Maybe you’re excited to invest in a currency that’s increasing rapidly in value… or maybe you’ve been using cryptocurrency for years. Whatever your situation, it’s crucial to know how cryptocurrency is taxed – and that’s what we’ll be covering here. Note that this […]

World’s Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange Binance Now Accepts Credit Card Deposits

In order to get started with cryptocurrencies, you need a so-called entry-level exchange. Entry-level exchanges are exchanges where you can buy cryptocurrency with regular money (so-called “fiat currency”). For a long time, people have been waiting for Binance to become an entry-level exchange. Now, on 31 January 2019, the exchange announced that credit card deposits […]

How to Protect Your Small Business When You Get Sued

Well, you hoped that it would never happen, but you already know that it is happening – your small or medium-sized company is being sued. Whether the lawsuit has been filed by an employee, a vendor, client or another company, a lawsuit against your business is likely to cost you money regardless of whether you […]

Zeepin – A Brief Guide for Investors

During Q3 Zeepin will launch its own consortium chain and release its first native dApp, ZeeRights. This cornerstone dApp will allow users to digitize and record creative assets immutably, publically, and almost instantaneously on the Zeepin blockchain, and at a near-zero cost relative to the current copyright process.

Things to know about Tuft and Needle Sheets!!!

Tuft & Needle is an American company that manufactures and sells mattresses, bed-sheets, bed-covers, etc. Its culture has been customer-centric since inception and it has successfully delivered amazing products at reasonable prices till date

What are “Real” Businesses buying into and Why?

Business leaders who want to improve revenue, increase efficiency and offer better experiences for customers are adopting artificial intelligence (AI). AI is moving very fast and igniting change but the challenge for businesses is to understand how to create value from AI investments.

Bahrain: The Fintech Kingdom?

With a fintech market estimated at $1.5 trillion (and growing), Manama is on to something. But can a government not known for its tech savviness actually deliver?

Expand Your US Business with Virtual Phone Numbers

You may have heard a lot about VoIP calls, virtual phone numbers, and similar technologies which allow phone calls to be made in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago. Even if you understand the technology, you may be left wondering how you can expand your business with virtual phone numbers.

The challenges of wine auction houses: The Baghera Wines case

The world of wine is one which has long been shrouded in a certain sense of mystery, of insider expertise, and of unknowable depths. However, recent years have seen a number of high profile cases and claims of widespread forgery, with several experts shockingly estimating that in wine auctions alone, the number of forged and counterfeit wines on the market may be as high as 20%.