Five Reasons to Use SMM Panel

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The trending SEO hype is the real deal today.  It simply involves more and more public attention and an online visit to a specific site. For this reason, many brands and websites are finding difficult to get the maximum attention.  So these days, we have many technical solutions to get online traffic on the right […]

Tips To Select A Good LED Grow Light

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LED grow light is the next advanced technology in the market. It helps you grow a wide range of crops that cannot be grown under traditional conditions. This means that farmers can now produce more yields in an easier manner. This helps in generating more revenue.  There are a lot of options to choose from […]

6 Essential Components of a Small Business Marketing Strategy

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If you own a small business, it’s a given that you have to work within a limited marketing budget. Therefore, it’s essential to have a plan that gets the most bang for your marketing buck. There are many marketing options available today, and they can be summed up in the following quote from Salesforce: “More. […]

This Is How Companies Are Processing CBD Payments


If you’re one of the many CBD entrepreneurs caught up in the recent Farm Bill honeymoon, it seems like the excitement is officially over as major U.S. banks refuse to process CBD payments. In March 2019, the largest CBD payment processor, Evalon Inc., wrote an email to their CBD clients explaining why the company felt […]

How to Make Better Decisions When Applying to a Job

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After sending countless resumes in with little response, determination becomes frustration and frustration becomes desperation. Then comes the numbers game –where you simply copy and paste the same generic resume and send it out en masse.  You may think to yourself: “If I cast a wide enough net, I’m bound to catch some fish.” Well, […]

The Best Way to Extract Data from Earnings Calls

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In the ever-growing business world, record keeping is absolutely essential.  To have a successful marketing strategy and achieve future growth, you have to be able to measure your financial health. In order to do that, you have to keep track of the numbers. This means extracting data from sales calls, conferences, mergers, investments and so […]

Matrix Exchange receives In-Principle Approval from Abu Dhabi Global Market


Abu Dhabi-based crypto asset exchange, Matrix Exchange announced on July 12 that it has received an In-Principle Approval (IPA) from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority (FSRA) of the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) to operate as a crypto asset exchange and custodian in ADGM. x Exchange announced on July 12 that it has received an […]

How This Tech Company is Helping Gas Companies Deliver More Energy

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The energy sector is constantly under pressure to produce more energy while making more money. Delivering more products and making more money on that increased output can be very challenging, impossible, even.  But there are companies that specialize in introducing technology that is designed to help gas companies operate more efficiently.  One such company, Blue […]

Li-Fi – Replacement for Wi-fi in the Future?


It can be reasonably ascertained that by 2020, WiFi would be connected to over 1.7 billion products which simply means that the year 2025, the wireless data traffic would grow in such multiples that the radio frequency spectrum that is occupied by WiFi will not be able to cope effectively with the demands that will […]

What is a SCOBY?

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SCOBY became a trending term along with the increasing popularity of kombucha. You probably heard someone you know talk about this drink and perhaps even about making a SCOBY.  SCOBY Defined SCOBY is an acronym that stands for symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast. The term was invented by kombucha fanatic, Len Porzio because they […]

United Markets Capital Review

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Since incorporation in 2016, UM Capital has continuously harnessed technology and employed personnel with impressive financial track records to provide clients with a dynamic trading and investment platform. And more importantly, the company places great emphasis on a personal approach that provides requisite human interaction for each client. It is considered a virtue that is […]

Anthony Levandowski: From Google’s First Self-Driving Car to Trucking


After designing Google’s first self-driving car, ex-Google engineer Anthony Levandowski has set his sights on another goal: designing self-driving trucks to allow drivers to rest on long stretches of highway. His new San Francisco-based startup, Otto, currently employs approximately 40 people, some of whom come from top companies in the industry, including Apple and Tesla. […]

Why You Should Use a Mortgage Broker

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50% of people have zero knowledge about what mortgage brokers do and why it is needed to hire them? Yet, hiring a mortgage broker is one of the easiest tasks that can further solve your problems while purchasing any property. The mortgage is basically a loan that helps in buying any property, whereas a mortgage […]

The Technology of Online Marketing

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Another border that has come crashing down concerns technology. New tech tools have not so much supplanted older technologies when it comes to online marketing as to augment them, giving them more depth and reach. AR (augmented reality) gives potential clients the kind of one-on-one 3-D product viewing that used to be done at trade […]

How to balance security and efficiency in blockchain distributed asset financing?

How to balance security and efficiency in blockchain distributed asset financing?

Reporters of China Business Journal Jiang Muyun, He Shasha, reported from Shanghai. In the Digital 2.0 era, the combination of “Internet of Things + Block Chain” has begun to attract people’s attention. In addition to the common product traceability function, this technology combination has also been applied to the financing and circulation of distributed assets. […]