3 Things Apps Can Do (That You Might Not Have Expected)


Quick, grab your smartphone. Start counting. How many apps appear on your screen?  If you’re like the average American, you probably tallied between 60 and 90. That count will expand dramatically if present trends hold. Users acquired 178 billion new apps in 2017. Only a year later, global app downloads had eclipsed 200 billion. By […]

What Your Business Is Missing Out On Without Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

If you own your own business or run a business then you do not need anyone to tell you that the market is competitive. Heck, it might currently be more competitive than it has ever been before. And, a lot of this is thanks to the Internet. Online marketing tactics and techniques now give those […]

Important Workplace Safety Tips Every Business Should Consider

Industrial work safety work clothes

Workplace safety refers to procedures and policies which have been set in a workplace to ensure that the safety of employees is well catered for as well as their health. Workplace safety has become a requirement by the government to employers who wish to employ workers in their business. Besides it being a requirement by […]

How Hoxhunt’s Phishing Prevention Solution Keeps Companies Safe


Providing phishing awareness training to your employees is one of the most important precautions you need to take to stay in business. With the rising number of sophisticated cybercrime attacks that target specific individuals within an organization through “social engineering” emails, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate tools and measures in place […]

Xunlei Limited To Set Up $100 Million Fund To Invest In Blockchain Technology

Shenzhen –According to internal source from Xunlei Limited (NASDAQ: XNET), the company plans to set up an investment fund, raising up to 100 million dollars, to invest in blockchain technology, including but not limited to innovation in core technology, innovative business model and related digital assets. As it is still in the preliminary stage, the […]

5 Must-Have Social Media Marketing Apps for Busy Solopreneurs

media social icon marketing mobile Facebook Twitter

Social Media Marketing (SMM) has quickly edged out traditional marketing, thanks to the ever-evolving technology.  Today, the demand for digital marketers far outweighs the supply. Solopreneurs can take advantage of the numerous social media marketing apps currently available to them. Here are 5 must-have social media marketing apps for busy solopreneurs: 1. Revive Old Posts […]

Tips For Maintaining A Healthy and Youthful Skin

Tips for maintaining a healthy and youthful skin

Which one of us doesn’t dream of perfectly flawless, healthy-looking skin? But, with our busy schedules, not all of us have the time to give our skin the necessary TLC that it sometimes requires. Our skin requires a complete dose of nutrients, antioxidants, hydration, and moisturization to get that healthy glow. As there is no […]

Types of Hormones And Their Chemical Nature

anatomical anatomy body gut health human medical

Chemical Nature of Hormones Chemically, hormones may be categorized as either proteins or steroids. All of the hormones in the human body, besides the sex hormones and those from the adrenal cortex, are proteins or protein derivatives. Mechanism of Hormone Action Hormones are taken by the blood throughout the entire body, yet they affect only […]

Five Points To Consider Before Repairing Air-conditioners

air-conditioning global warming summer hot

Globally,  Air-conditioners are the need of the time where the temperature rises above the bearable figure of 25°c. The figure may differ according to the need and comfort. As the units are continuously in use, they are certainly to develop some malfunctioning that needs repair work. Following are the five most important points that ought to […]

Five Reasons to Use SMM Panel

smm social media marketing world cloud internet word

The trending SEO hype is the real deal today.  It simply involves more and more public attention and an online visit to a specific site. For this reason, many brands and websites are finding difficult to get the maximum attention.  So these days, we have many technical solutions to get online traffic on the right […]

Tips To Select A Good LED Grow Light

LED diode light

LED grow light is the next advanced technology in the market. It helps you grow a wide range of crops that cannot be grown under traditional conditions. This means that farmers can now produce more yields in an easier manner. This helps in generating more revenue.  There are a lot of options to choose from […]

6 Essential Components of a Small Business Marketing Strategy

marketing plan

If you own a small business, it’s a given that you have to work within a limited marketing budget. Therefore, it’s essential to have a plan that gets the most bang for your marketing buck. There are many marketing options available today, and they can be summed up in the following quote from Salesforce: “More. […]

This Is How Companies Are Processing CBD Payments


If you’re one of the many CBD entrepreneurs caught up in the recent Farm Bill honeymoon, it seems like the excitement is officially over as major U.S. banks refuse to process CBD payments. In March 2019, the largest CBD payment processor, Evalon Inc., wrote an email to their CBD clients explaining why the company felt […]

How to Make Better Decisions When Applying to a Job

pants bag list wrench job search unemployed job application

After sending countless resumes in with little response, determination becomes frustration and frustration becomes desperation. Then comes the numbers game –where you simply copy and paste the same generic resume and send it out en masse.  You may think to yourself: “If I cast a wide enough net, I’m bound to catch some fish.” Well, […]

The Best Way to Extract Data from Earnings Calls

man transcribing transcription business

In the ever-growing business world, record keeping is absolutely essential.  To have a successful marketing strategy and achieve future growth, you have to be able to measure your financial health. In order to do that, you have to keep track of the numbers. This means extracting data from sales calls, conferences, mergers, investments and so […]