North America to Hold Over 60% of Worldwide Sales of G Suite Technology Services     

Demand for business productivity tools is set to rise in the coming decade on the back of increasing appetite of businesses for smarter and remunerative approaches. While larger organizations are already witnessing active utilization of productivity tools, small and medium enterprises are likely to look for G Suite technology services that fit well in their tight budgets.

Terahertz Technology- Present and the Future

Terahertztechnology has been witnessing widespread adoption across various industries.This technology is expected to pave a path in developing innovative productsfor security, communications, detection, and several other sectors in the nearfuture. 

How Human Machine Interfaces can ImproveBusiness Efficiency?

Human machine interfaces are gaining higher sophistication for operation of connected devices. This technology is expected to have a great scope in the future across healthcare, automotive, military and aerospace sectors. HMIs are expected to gain higher traction in the near future.