Screen Recording

5 Things to Consider Before Screen Recording

With all these advancements in video capturing technology, it is no surprise that so many people are doing screen recordings for some reason or the other. There is so many amazing software these days that even the most amateur video recorders can make almost professional-level videos.

But for this, you need to be following some common tips that many people tend to ignore because they are so excited about using their new software. If you aren’t careful, even the best ideas you have about your videos will go to waste. So you might want to read ahead:

Draft Your Recording

Make a plan of what you wish to record on paper. This will make it easy for you to stay in a flow when speaking to your audience and you will know exactly when you will have to switch over to the screen. You won’t be fumbling around thinking of what you have to do next. Doing two recording will also help because you will notice all the mistakes you would have made the first time and they will be that much easier to correct the second time around.

Time Yourself

People like short videos. Go check out the comments under any long screen recording video and you will notice that nobody out there likes people who ramble on and on forever. So try to keep your material short and concise.

Use Good Lighting

Good lighting is very important. Even the best recording equipment and software cannot do justice to your video if the lighting in the room is below par. If the natural light and the connections in the room are not enough, try to get a couple of studio lights to make it look better.

Be Careful About the Sound

These screen recording videos are all about the sound. Make sure you are audible enough for the audience to hear without any difficulty. Try listening to yourself after the recording or get a friend to listen to it to make sure the sound is good enough. Providing subtitles is a good idea if you’re not sure about the sound. You can also change your sound equipment if some of it has become old.

Use a Reliable Editor

Check out this link for a good alternatives to YouTube editor. That said, most software these days are good enough for most kinds of video capturing but if you are a new user, you may take some time to get used to the software. So do not think a software is below par or useless if you have never used it before.

Properly Address your Audience

Your audience is what will make or break you so it is important that you address them appropriately. Make sure you know what people you are targeting and use the appropriate jargon with them and if there are any children involved, try to not use very difficult words and stay as far from swearing as you possibly can.