Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional has got you Recovered

All of us have at least once gone through the pain of data loss, be it due to human error or any mechanical failure, we all have experienced that. On that note, let me put up a question “Can you afford to lose your critical data, for instance, your official documents, soft copies of your personal data, excel/word/pdf files, and your childhood photos?” Obviously, you can’t.

Further, there are myriads of data recovery software and choosing a reliable one is not a cakewalk, as more the options are more difficult it is to pick just one. That leads us to the question “Is every data recovery software reliable and guarantees confidentiality and privacy of your data?” Well, only a few software can be trusted for efficient data recovery and Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is one such software.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional – A High-Octane Product

Stellar Phoenix, since its inception, has successfully catered to the request of data recovery and has set a benchmark for others to follow. Simply put, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional recovers data in three simple steps:

1. Scan the storage media

2. Preview the recoverable files

3. Save the files at the preferred location

Time to Take Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional for a Spin

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional is easy to use and even users who are not familiar with running a software can easily get accustomed to its features and the process. With minimal system requirements, one can easily install and run the software and commence the process of recovering the lost or deleted data.

With Pentium Class Processor and 1GB minimum, you’re good to go. After you’re done with the installation process, the software asks to select the data type that needs to be recovered and provides options to specify the data types. There are tabs (see in the figure1.1) to specifically choose a type and then proceed with the process.

Figure 1.1 illustrates the different data types that the software can recover

The Graphical User Interface and the navigation is a straightforward process which makes it easy to access the software’s functions. As soon as you hit the Next button, a window appears to select the location from where files need to be recovered. As you can see the Figure 1.2, the software lists all the internal as well as external hard drives, folders etc. Further, if you’re unable to find your drive or lost the partition, select Can’t Find Drive option under Other Locations and the software lists the partition with their details.

Figure 1.2 illustrates to select the location

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Professional has an advanced scanning algorithm to efficiently trace the lost/deleted files. Quick Scan option quickly scans the storage media and lists all the recoverable files, on the other hand, there is another option i.e. Deep Scan which thoroughly scans the media and gives more accurate results.

Figure 1.3 illustrates to select the location

Once the software scans the media completely, it lists all the lost and deleted files along with the details. Further, the software provides with different preview mode which you can select accordingly. To save the files, simply select the check-box corresponding to the files and save them.

And that’s how Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional brings back your lost data.

Figure 1.4 illustrates to preview and save the files

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional Stands Apart

With a high degree of functionality and simplistic interface, we’d definitely recommend the software to everyone as it’s one of the efficient ways to safeguard your important files. Data loss can occur anytime and one should be prepared for it, and that being said, Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Professional has got you covered.

A product worth your time!

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