Download Facebook Videos

How to Download Facebook Videos for Free?

There might be many reasons for you to download Facebook videos. Your Internet connection might be unstable to stream the video in one go, or you might be hating the Facebook’s video interface. Fortunately, there is a way out. You can watch these videos on any interface you prefer and that too offline.

By the end of this article, you will be an expert in downloading Facebook videos and watch them wherever and whenever you want to. However there is an important point to keep in mind. Facebook videos have different privacy settings. You will only be able to download your own videos or videos that are posted by others as public. Nevertheless, here are some ways listed:


You can simply download any Facebook video using this platform. Facebook video downloader has become easier with this application. You just have to paste the video URL, choose the quality and download. This is all you have to do. However there might be some buttons that may confuse you, don’t hit them.

You can get the video more quickly by choosing the button save as. You can even just click and watch the video in your browser.

This application is very easy to use but there are some misleading download buttons that may annoy you. As an overall feedback, it’s an amazing option who loves to watch videos on Facebook.


This is another platform that can be used to download Facebook videos. Hereby, you have to paste a link to download the video but it’s better to just use the beginning of URL. The interface becomes too wide to use if whole URL is pasted as it appears in the address bar.

Once you have done so, a preview of video shows up which can be watched right there and there and different links to download different qualities of video will show up as well. The interface is designed simply to do the job in an easy way.

There are some downsides associated with this option. First of all, the interface is pretty inconvenient to use nonetheless does the job. You may also encounter some problems in downloading HD videos. Even using long URL’s may create problems.

Facebook Videoz

This platform offers two ways of downloading a Facebook video. First is the simple one by copying the URL and pasting it in the website’s box. The second option is by adding “videoz” to actual Facebook URL but make sure you remove “s” from the https for method to work properly.

This interface is simple to use with no misleading buttons. However there are no additional features like QR codes or embeds. Nevertheless, it is a simple way to watch and download Facebook videos for free.

The bottom line

Follow the above three steps if you are to download Facebook videos. If you are still in search of other solutions, then there are other desktop applications and plugins which can do the job.