Greetings From The Star Wars Set

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Greetings From The Star Wars Set

We just reported on TGD that JJ Abrams has regretted keeping the identity of the Star Trek: Into Darkness villain a secret for so long. If you don’t know it’s Khan by now, sorry to spoil that one for ya, but where have you been, in a cave?

While Star Wars will certainly be a top-secret affair, there’s already been several pics that have been released by the Star Wars camp. The first picture had JJ Abrams with R2-D2, and now Darth Vader’s taken a selfie. While these stories take place after Return of the Jedi, we wouldn’t be surprised if Vader comes back in some way, even if it’s as a dream or an apparition of some sort. 

As it turns out, this Vader picture was takent for the Star Wars Instagram page, which already has a lot of followers. As the L.A. Times tells us, Vader posted, “Another day at the office. #StarWars #DarthVader #selfies #gpom,” which stands for “gratuitous picture of myself.” 

Deadline quoted the famous Vader line that it’s useless to resist Instagram, and it’s also useless to try and keep everything a secret on the new Star Wars. This is a good way to keep the fans in the loop, and as this story was being finalized, this page already has over 150,000 followers. 


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