FreedomPop Targets Apple’s iPhone After Connecting More Android Devices

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FreedomPop Targets Apple's iPhone After Connecting More Android Devices

In its path to undercut the likes of AT&T and Verizon with free, pre-paid plans, FreedomPop is moving to connect a wider range of phones, including, eventually, the iPhone.The low-cost wireless service is launching its new Bring Your Own Phone option on Tuesday, allowing anyone who has a phone with a Sprint SIM chip inside it to join its low-cost network, most likely appealing to Sprint users at the end of their contract or on a pre-paid plan. It is also selling its second phone, a refurbished batch of HTC Evo 4G’s, for $99 each. FreedomPop is one of America’s largest MVNO’s or mobile virtual network operators, buying 3G and 4G data in bulk from


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