Video: Sony touts PlayStation Vita TV console

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Video: Sony touts PlayStation Vita TV console

Sony has debuted an uber-mini console targeted at gamers who want to play PlayStation Vita titles on the big screen. 

Aptly dubbed the PlayStation Vita TV, the device is expected to hit the streets in Japan this November for approximately $100. Key specs include Ethernet, USB, HDMI, and memory card slots.
 A set with a controller and storage card runs about $150.

As Liliputing’s Brad Linder notes, the PlayStation Vita TV is also a relatively inexpensive way of hooking up the Internet to your TV. 

Indeed, the console offers support for Sony Music Unlimited, Sony Video Unlimited subscription-based media services, along with Hulu, Twitter, Sony Reader (for eBooks), Tsutaya TV and Nico Nico Douga.

“[Plus], if you have a Sony PlayStation 4 in one room of your house, you can also use the PlayStation Vita TV as an extender, letting you play PS4 games in a different room,” Linder explained.

“[Of course], not every PlayStation Vita game will run on the Vita TV. Games that involve touchscreen controls, for instance, won’t work because the DualShock controller doesn’t have a touch surface.” 

A list of supported titles is available at the PlayStation Japan website here.


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