Microsoft Outlook and other services experiencing downtime

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Microsoft Outlook and other services experiencing downtime

Poor Microsoft. They can’t get a break. Now, it seems, that Outlook users are suffering some downtimes. They are not just down because they are still on Microsoft products and can’t get a Gmail account. No, they are, literally, down.

You can check out the live updates here. The latest message is:

ProblemServices such as Hotmail, Messenger, and SkyDrive are experiencing technical difficulties. We appreciate your patience as we work on the problem. August 14 7:01 AM
UpdatesWe’re working on the problem and will provide an update by August 14 11:00 AM. Thank you for your patience. August 14 9:01 AM

Welcome to the Internets, Microsoft.

Who uses Hotmail anyways? I mean, if you still use Hotmail you deserve to be down. That goes for everyone with an AOL email account. Yes, I said it.