Man who pulled gun during chess game surrenders to robot cop

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Man who pulled gun during chess game surrenders to robot cop

A man who pulled a gun on his opponent during a late-night chess game subsequently surrendered to police following the deployment of a heavily armed enforcement robot.According to the Seattle Times, a resident in the Washington town of Bellevue had invited a neighbour over for a friendly contest of brainpower across the black-and-white board last week. At first the encounter proceeded sociably enough, but then mine host – perhaps getting the worst of the encounter, or for some other reason (“a few drinks” had been had, apparently) – “pulled a gun”.His opponent understandably elected to forfeit the match and leave the residence at speed, and once safely outside called the police.This apparently led to a lengthy standoff lasting well into the next day, in which regular meatsack plods – doubtless overawed by the brainy, pistol-packing suspect – failed to get a grip on the situation. Naturally enough, as is traditional nowadays in such situations, they then called in robot assistance.Of course it’s well known that a sufficiently advanced computer has no need to fear even the greatest grandmasters of humanity in a chess game – though in some cases at least, the machines have yet to achieve physical superiority over humans (one unfortunate metal lawman was hurled through a door by an obstreperous offender in Connecticut last year).