Doctor Who: The Snowmen clip builds the enemy

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Doctor Who: The Snowmen clip builds the enemy

BBC One has posted a last minute teaser for its upcoming Doctor Who holiday special.

The new holiday episode of Doctor Who, The Snowmen, is only a couple days away now, and from everything we’ve seen it will be a major shift for the show. New companion, TARDIS, attitude, opening credits sequence, and a monster type that we haven’t seen before.

The episode opens with the doctor in mourning. The Ponds are gone, along with his care-free spirit and sense of adventure. It will take a pretty Victorian governess and a threat to the population of Earth to rouse him from his self-imposed exile, and possibly into a lover’s embrace. On Christmas Day, the very snow on the ground will rise-up against mankind and the Doctor with two hearts will find a new best friend.

This new teaser is in the form of a quick clip from the episode. No spoilers, though it gives some idea of the creepy nature of the episode’s monsters, including their hidden voice, performed by guest star Ian McKellen:

We also have this synopsis of the episode:

Starring Matt Smith as the Doctor and introducing Jenna-Louise Coleman as Clara, his new companion, this year’s Christmas Special is called The Snowmen and follows their adventures as they battle the villainous Doctor Simeon (Richard E Grant) and his army of sinister snowmen.

Here’s the episode trailer:

You might also want to check out the episode prequels here and here. The Doctor Who holiday special airs on December 25, 2012 (at 9pm on BBC America). 


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