Marvel fans will get Avengers 3D glasses

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Marvel fans will get Avengers 3D glasses

Last week, we reported that audiences who hit AMC for the opening weekend of Star Wars: Episode 1 3D will receive special edition pod-racer goggle 3D specs.

And now Marvel has confirmed it will be introducing a similar product. Fortunately, the specs are not just limited to a specific chain, as most theaters showing The Avengers in 3D this May will also be offering (for $5) a choice of 4 custom 3D glasses designed around the four primary super heroes of the film: Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, and Hulk.

The designs aren’t just stickers over the standard frames either, as each hero boasts a different frame, lenses shape, and color scheme. 

They all look pretty cool – though the wrap-around style seems like it wouldn’t play nice with prescription glasses wearers – and I think there is actually a market for them. A lot of people don’t really like the idea of putting on recycled glasses they are forced to borrow when seeing a 3D film, and having a pair of their own that they can bring along would definitely be a plus.

As a prescription glasses wearer who sees a lot of movies, I shelled out nearly $20 for my pair of clip-on 3D lenses, and other nice sets go for the same amount or more, so $5 seems like a small price to pay. Of course, it’s too bad there isn’t a Black Widow edition, though I’m honestly not quite sure what such a theme would actually look like.

Ultimately, this raises a bigger question: will themed 3D glasess become the rule at theaters? Meaning, will major tentpole films start making a practice of offering novelty custom 3D frames? If so, will theaters eventually start expecting audiences to bring their own glasses? Frankly, I wouldn’t mind, since I have my own anyway, and soon lots of Star Wars and Marvel fans will have their own lenses as well.

Perhaps theaters could start giving a slight discount to theater-goers who bring their own glasses, like the way some grocery stores give small discounts when you bring your own bags. I know: unlikely, but it would be nice.

The Avengers hits theaters on May 4, 2012.


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