AOC touts Aire monitor for iPhones and iPods

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AOC touts Aire monitor for iPhones and iPods

AOC has debuted a new and very cool monitor that will work with your PC or Mac – and also includes a  docking station for an iPhone or iPod.

The 23-inch screen features integrated speakers at its base, making the display perfect for playing video content from your iPhone on a larger screen.

“The Aire Monitor with Docking Station is ideal for iPhone and iPod users who want to watch movies or browse photos on a 23-inch high definition flat screen directly from their mobile device,” said AOC exec Robert Velez. 

“The monitor displays photos and video content on a screen that is 37 times larger than the iPhone that it comes from.”


The display boasts some pretty sweet specs: a 50M:1 dynamic contrast ratio, support for full 1080p resolution and a panel response time of 5ms – facilitating the rendering of clean and crisp images. 

The display also features 16.7 million color reproduction, 16:9 aspect ratio, 250CD/m2 brightness rating, EPEAT Silver certification and LED backlighting. Connectivity includes an HDMI port in addition to the dock.

Personally, I can certainly see the use for a monitor like the Aire. I like to watch Netflix on my iPhone when my wife is watching a chick flick, and my son is playing games on the other TV. So yes, I could definitely dock the handset and watch films or recorded videos on a bigger screen.

The display is relatively cheap with a price of $279.99, and will hit stores this March.


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