Man gets high on meth, kills and eats bobcat

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Man gets high on meth, kills and eats bobcat

Drugs are bad. For example: if you do meth you might end up shooting, skinning and eating a bobcat – all without a permit, of course.

According to NBC, authorities in Santa Clara County recently arrested a 38-year-old man in Morgan Hill, California.They allegedly found him high on meth, in possession of cockfighting tools, and he had skinned as well as eaten a bobcat.  

The suspect, who was arrested, claimed he had killed the bobcat with a .22 rifle. He then ate it, after if it attacked his roosters, of course. No, it’s not illegal to eat bobcat in California, but it is illegal to kill one without a permit.

And there was even more trouble, because the remains of the bobcat were found dangling on a fence.

Most of the charges are fish and game violations, mere misdemeanors. The drug charge however, is a felony.

And to make matters worse, the cops found Arnibal living in a trailer on land that they think used to be a marijuana farm.


Steve Lowney, Santa Clara County’s Deputy District Attorney, said that 50 roosters, cockfighting hooks, and the bobcat’s corpse were confiscated as evidence.