iPhone pico projector on hold until 2013

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iPhone pico projector on hold until 2013

Were you hoping to show off that cool pico projector on your sleek and sexy fifth-gen iPhone? 

Well, it seems as if you’ll have to wait until at least 2013 for Apple to include the long-awaited feature.

“Sources from pico projector makers pointed out that the related (R&D) is still not mature and demand from consumers has yet to appear, so smartphone-use pico projector models are unlikely to start mass shipping until after 2012,” claimed a DigiTimes report.

“The drawback is [apparently] the large power consumption, weak lumen rate and poor image quality.”

Still, rest assured, when Cupertino does eventually design an iPhone pico projector, it is likely to be far ahead – in true Apple tradition – of what the competition has to offer. 

In the meantime, the iPhone 5 is expected to boast a number of advanced features, including a near-field communications chip that will allow the device to act as an “e-wallet” for wireless transactions.

The next-gen phone is also likely to boast dual core SGX543 graphics processor capable of rendering 1080p high-definition video playback and improved 3D graphics.

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