Verizon says CDMA iPad on the way

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Verizon says CDMA iPad on the way

Well, this certainly has been quite a day for Apple enthusiasts and fanbois alike! 

First, Verizon announced it would begin selling Cupertino’s wildly popular iPhone on February 10th. 

Then, the carrier confirmed that a Verizon-enabled, CDMA version of the iPad will hit the streets at some point in the (presumably) near future.

Currently, the iPad is only truly compatible with AT&T’s 3G wireless network in the US.

However, as AppleInsider’s Katie Marsal points out, Verizon and Apple did team up to bundle a MiFi 2200 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot router with the Wi-Fi-only iPad.

Still, the iPad-MiFi package starts at $630 (16GB) – the same price as the 3G-capable hardware which offers direct connectivity to AT&T’s network.

It should also be noted that Apple is rumored to be prepping a second-gen iPad which could hit the streets as early as February.

Relevant specs may include:

  • A dual-core ARM processor.
  • USB port. 

  • Larger speaker.
  • Slimmer design.
  • Larger screen size.

My take on it all?

Apple is likely to introduce its second-gen iPad with support for both AT&T and Verizon on launch day.

First-gen owners who want to dump AT&T? Well, you may want upgrade, or make do with a WiFi-only iPad.  [[Apple]]


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