Autonomous transit concept gets off the ground

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Autonomous transit concept gets off the ground

Industrial design student Anthony Stuhldreher believes that Lafayette, Louisiana, has a major traffic problem.

Considering the fact that he lives there, we’re willing to take his word on it. 

His solution? A “fully autonomous inverted rapid transit solution.”

Lafayette Transit started out as a senior designs studio class project and evolved into a senior project.

It was created in response to a challenge issued by the City of Lafayette for a project that would connect the Rosa Parks Transportation Center, The Cajundome, and Lafayette General Hospital.

Stuhldreher’s design follows the city’s current coulee system, creating the track system for a kind of hanging tram, powered by electricity, some of which would be supplied by solar photovoltaic systems.

The pod-like cars of the Lafeyette Transit project would use hydraulics to lift riders up and over the city’s clogged streets and highways, creating a direct transit route between the three city centers, accommodating pedestrians, cyclists and those in wheelchairs with an modular interior design.

* Susan DeFreitas, EarthTechling