Lockheed preps unmanned ‘copter for battlefield deployment

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Lockheed preps unmanned 'copter for battlefield deployment

Lockheed Martin and Kaman Aerospace are currently prepping two military K-MAX unmanned ‘copters for trial deployment in the field.

“The K-MAX UAS was specifically designed for the battlefield cargo resupply mission,” explained Lockheed VP Dan Spoor. 

“[And] K-MAX’s capabilities directly answer the US Marine Corps’ requirement to augment ground and air logistics operations, supplement rotary-wing assets and keep warfighters supplied and out of harm’s way.”

According to Spoor, the K-MAX UAS has demonstrated its ability to carry and deliver 6,000 pounds of cargo at sea level and more than 4,000 pounds at 10,000 feet altitude.  

K-MAX is also capable of delivering more cargo in a single flight to multiple locations than any other unmanned rotary wing aircraft. 

“[The aircraft] is the optimal choice for an affordable unmanned cargo delivery capability,” added Kaman exec Terry Fogarty.

“With reduced operational and logistics costs, increased fuel savings and less manpower required compared to a ground vehicle convoy or manned helicopter, the K-MAX is the lowest-risk solution for the mission.”