Acer smartphone wants to be a tablet

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Acer smartphone wants to be a tablet

Acer has debuted a sleek and sexy Android-powered smartphone that boasts a huge 4.8″ widescreen, along with a striking 21:9 aspect ratio.

The device display also features a front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera and a back-facing 8MP camera, complete with LED Flash.

So, what distinguishes this next-gen smartphone from say an HTC or Samsung handheld?

Well, the device apparently offers the exact same web-browsing “user experience” as a PC.

That means web-sites don’t have to be (annoyingly) resized or adjusted. 

Ditto for squinting, zooming and left/right scrolling.

Other notable features include a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, Java script optimization, Adobe Flash Player 10.1 support, multiple browser tabs, HSDPA @ 14.4, WiFi N and Bluetooth 3.0.

As one would expect, the Acer smartphone is also primed and ready for movies – allowing users to watch a film in its original format on an LED backlit display, complete with Dolby Mobile sound.  

Of course, you can also connect the phone to your DLNA-enabled TV to view content on an even bigger screen.

The Acer smartphone is currently slated to launch in April 2011. 


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