New Jersey senator wants to ban cyber-bullying

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New Jersey senator wants to ban cyber-bullying

US Senator Frank R. Lautenberg (D-NJ) wants federally funded colleges and universities to enforce stringent anti-harassment policies.

As such, the senator has kicked off a new initiative to formulate and pass a comprehensive bill that would effectively ban all forms of harassment, including in the fast-paced digital space (cyber-bullying).

The nascent bill, if passed into law, would also create a competitive grant program at the US Department of Education (DoE).

Colleges and universities could then tap the collected funds to establish programs that seek to counter harassment – including the bullying of LGBT students.

“The suicide of Tyler Clementi is a tragic reminder that college dormitories, dining halls and classrooms are not always safe places for students,” Lautenberg explained in an official statement. 

“[So], we need to increase efforts that ensure all students have the opportunity to learn in a safe and secure environment. 

“My legislation will fill a void in federal law and for the first time require colleges to establish plans to protect their students from harassment and bullying.” 


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