Android enterprise adoption accelerates

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Android enterprise adoption accelerates

Corporate America is enthusiastically embracing Google’s popular mobile OS, with ChangeWave tracking an impressive five-fold increase in Android’s (corporate) market share over the past nine months.

In contrast, RIM’s BlackBerry – which still dominates the corporate market by a wide margin – dropped slightly by approximately three points since May 2010.

“[We project that there will be] two big momentum winners over the next 90 days: HTC and Motorola,” explained ChangeWave VP Paul Carton.

“[Clearly], both are reaping the benefit of the huge corporate demand increase for Android OS phones.”

According to Carton, HTC (16%), a producer of multiple Android phones including the Droid Incredible and EVO 4G, has soared an astonishing 6-pts in terms of corporate buying plans to a new all-time high.

Similarly, Motorola (15%; up 3-pts) is also experiencing a significant increase in corporate purchasing strategy. 

“And with two new releases (i.e., the Droid 2 and Droid X) following upon its highly successful original Droid model, Motorola shows renewed momentum in the corporate market,” he added.


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