Sharp says it is working on 3D smartphone

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Sharp says it is working on 3D smartphone

Forget about 2D smartphones – those are sooo 20th century. That’s right – personal communication is going 3D and we at TG Daily can’t wait to try out the next-generation of handhelds in all their three-dimensional glory.

According to Reuters, Sharp is designing a 3D-enabled smartphone with a 3D capable camera that will allow users to snap pictures and capture video.

The camera is also likely to include a 3D panel that can be viewed without special glasses.

Of course, Sharp’s future device is hardly the first 3D smarpthone to tempt the 2D-centric market.

As Ross Miller of Engadget notes, Sharp’s upcoming phone can be expected to compete against at least two other 3D-enabled smartphones slated to hit the market sometime in 2010-2011.

“Hitachi touted one early last year for Japanese carrier KDDI and NTT Docomo has a prototype 3D display…

“[Still], a Sharp spokeswoman said that this 3D smartphone would be going international. The more the merrier, we say.”