Ubiquitous boots Android MIDs in just one second

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Ubiquitous boots Android MIDs in just one second

Ubiquitous has developed a software-based platform that enables Android-powered devices to cold boot in just one second.

The QuickBoot platform – which operates in conjunction with Freescale’s i.MX31 processor – restores relevant sectors of a 128MB image by automatically determining memory usage priority.

According to Freescale spokesperson Sridharan Subramanian, Ubiquitous QuickBoot has already effectively “proven” apps are capable of “instantaneously” running from power-on across a wide range of Android-based devices.

The QuickBoot SDK is currently available for Android developers and includes a script as well as a driver used to store RAM image snapshots to nonvolatile memory.

The SDK also features a “QuickBoot BIOS” and an “Intelligent Resource Allocator” (IRA), which enables systems to instantly boot by accessing relevant blocks of a stored memory image.