Apple loses another iPhone prototype

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Apple loses another iPhone prototype

“To lose one iPhone, Mr Jobs, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.”

Yes, Apple’s done it again. Pictures have surfaced on the Vietnamese website Taoviet of another fourth-generation iPhone prototype.

It looks more or less exactly like the one Gizmodo got hold of that caused so much trouble.

A couple of screws appear to have been eliminated, and there’s a neat little ’16GB’ printed on the back where the most-famous-phone-in-the-world had only a series of Xs.

But sharp-eyed observers are finding all sorts of wonders in their new fetish. These include an Apple-branded processor, new diagnostics facility, video capability and magical powers including invisibility, ESP and levitation.

Sorry, got a bit carried away there.

But if Gray Powell got a hard time for losing the Gizmodo model, some other poor beggar looks set to be in even bigger trouble.

MacRumours says the phone was bought in the US by a Vietnamese businessman – and Taoviet says that others are available on the black market for around $4,000.

Taoviet has more pictures, here.