Microsoft refreshes Zune HD lineup

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Microsoft refreshes Zune HD lineup

Microsoft has refreshed its Zune HD lineup with the addition of a new 64GB Zune HD model priced at $350.

The 64GB iteration of the popular Zune – which is expected to be available on April 12 – will be capable of storing up to 16,000 songs, 20 hours of HD video and 25,000 pictures.

The Redmond-based company also reduced the prices of its 16GB and 32GB devices, to $200 and $270, respectively.

Finally, Microsoft announced an upcoming firmware update (4.5) that will add new options to the device, including Smart DJ auto-playlists directly on the Zune HD, ability to browse, stream and acquire music from the Zune Marketplace on a TV (via the A/V dock) and expanded codec support.

The Zune HD features an OLED multi-touch screen, built-in HD radio, HD video out capabilities and an Internet browser. 

The device is available in a number of custom colors (from, such as platinum, black, blue, red, green, purple and magenta.