Apple tablet rumors spark three percent share increase

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Apple tablet rumors spark three percent share increase

Shares of Apple Inc have hit an all-time high as analysts continue to speculate over the expected release of Club Cupertino’s enigmatic tablet.

Indeed, Apple shares increased 3 percent to $208.83 on the Nasdaq, beating the previously set record of $208.71.

According to Reuters, the current median price target on Apple is  $242.50, which is approximately 20 percent higher than its Wednesday closing share price.

As TG Daily previously reported, Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster recently predicted that Apple will ship its long-awaited tablet by the end of March.

“We expect the tablet hardware to be similar to an iPod touch but larger (about 10″); we expect the key differentiator of the device to be its software,” opined Munster.

“While there are several options ranging from a touch screen Mac OS X to an iPhone-like OS, we expect the tablet to be driven by a new version of Apple’s iPhone OS that runs a new category of larger apps alongside all the current apps from the App Store.”

?He added that Apple could initially sell over a million units of the long-awaited device.
“While the tablet is not currently in our model, we believe Apple could sell about 1.4M units [at $600 each] if the tablet shipped in March, adding 2 percent to revenue.”

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