Apple appeals against Opti’s patent victory

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Apple appeals against Opti's patent victory

Hardware firm Apple will appeal against a decision in a Texas district court granting Opti’s patent on pre-snooping was valid. A court awared Opti $21 million earlier this week.

Opti sued Apple on January 16 2007, alleging that Apple had breached the patent it owns on Predictive Snooping of Cache Memory for Master-Initiated Accesses.

That, Opti had said, relates to its US patent 6,405,291.

Opti said in a statement today: “The Apple action itself is a part of the Company’s strategy for pursuing its patent infringement claims relating to its Predictive Snooping technology. Consequently, the final outcome of the Apple case itself will play a role in the Company’s strategy for pursuing its patent infringement claims and the Company’s ability to realize licensing revenue from its Predictive Snoop patents will be significantly affected if the final outcome of the litigation is not successful.”

There’s more stuff about the Opti action on its site, here.  Opti is suing AMD too. And in October this year, it announced a settlement with Taiwanese chip firm Via for $650,000 – covering two patents it owns concerning the Compact ISA Bus Interface.


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