British government promises broadband for all its people

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British government promises broadband for all its people

London (England) – Yesterday, England’s Culture Secretary, Andy Burnham, told lawmakers in the British House of Commons, “We are developing plans to move towards an historic universal service commitment for broadband and digital services.”

The government cites previous initiatives. For example, in 1840, Universal Services Obligations (USOs) was used to guarantee postal services across all of Britain. In 1984 it was used ensure everybody had a phone. And now, the plan looks to give every household broadband access by 2012 and the Olympic Games, which will be held in London.

The recent uptake in broadband interest is not limited to England. In the United States, while many consumers are more than content with 768 Kbps DSL-like speeds for broadband access, Internet service providers are looking to increase speeds and revenues. Most other major countries have already rifled by the U.S. offering broadband access at or above 50,000 Kbps (50 Mbps).

See the original AFP article republished on Yahoo News. Also, see our coverage of Charter Communication’s recent announcement of 60 Mbps Internet service in St. Louis, Missouri, and upcoming 16 Mbps to 20 Mbps for the rest of their customers.