Survey: 49% of football fans would visit in-laws for HDTV

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Survey: 49% of football fans would visit in-laws for HDTV

Ridgefield Park (NJ) – Yesterday, Samsung issued a press release citing a 1,011 respondent survey they commissioned from Kelton Research which states: “More than four in ten (43%) football fans would be more likely to visit their in-laws if they had an HDTV to watch the game. Among this group, men are more likely than women to visit the in-laws if there was an HDTV waiting for them (50% vs. 34%)”

In addition, the survey found “Eighty-one percent of football fans say that TV picture quality is more important than the food while watching football on television. With TV size and HD capability as the most important features considered in viewing football on TV, high definition television comes out as the number one accessory for any football fan.”

According to the press release, the purpose of the survey:

“Pigskin Power: Football fans have a special bond with their televisions, was to explore the level and type of influence TV has on the football-viewing experience among Americans. The commissioned survey was conducted by Kelton Research among a nationally representative sample of 1,011 Americans, male and female, ages 18 and over.”

SuperBowl 43 will be played this Sunday. It will make the 39th consecutive SuperBowl I have not watched.

See Samsung’s press release.