Nintendo stuns everybody, cuts fiscal 2009 profit forecast 33%

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Nintendo stuns everybody, cuts fiscal 2009 profit forecast 33%

Kyoto (Japan) – In what’s being called a “baffling and potentially very worrying” sign, Nintendo has issued a profit warning for Q4’2009 (ending March 31, 2009) citing one million fewer Wii units will be sold than was previously forecast. On DS sales of 96.22 million units, Wii sales of 44.96 million units, the company predicts to end the fiscal year (on March 31, 2009) with net income of 230 billion yen ($25.6 billion), down from 345 billion yen ($38.3 billion) predicted, down 33.3%.

Nintendo’s software sales had exceeded 533 million units in 2008, with Kirby Super Star Ultra, and Japan-only Pokemon Platinum proving extremely popular. Nintendo sold 163.78 million DS games in 2008. 

TG Daily recently reported that Nintendo sold a record breaking 10.2 million Wiis in Q4’2008, their most recent complete fiscal quarter. We reported, “Nintendo took top the top four slots in game units sold in 2008. At #1) Nintendo sold 5.28 million Wii Play with Wii Remote games, at #2) 5 million Mario Kart Wii, at #3) 4.53 million Wii Fit, and at #4) 4.17 million Super Smash Bros. Brawl.” Also, “Nintendo’s DS handheld game device also sold 9.95 million units last year, the success of which is largely attributed to the DSi’s delay in this country.”

See Gamespot and UK’s Business Times Online.