Samsung sets the stage for 32 GB DRAM modules

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Samsung sets the stage for 32 GB DRAM modules

Seoul (Korea) – Samsung said it has developed the world’s first 4 Gb DDR3 DRAM chip, enabling the company to double the maximum capacity of DRAM modules available today.

Based on a 50 nm process technology, Samsung’s new 4 Gb DDR3 chips will find their way into 16 registered DIMMs for servers, into 8 GB unbuffered DIMMs for workstations and desktops and 8 GB notebook memory modules (SODIMMs). On the very high end, dual-die packages will allow Samsung to offer memory devices with a capacity of up to 32 GB capacity.

Today’s high-end memory is available with up to 16 GB capacity, but rarely seen on the market. High-end server memory typically comes in 8 GB packages priced at well over $1000 per module.

The 4 Gb memory chips run at 1.35 volts, which is about 20% below the usual 1.5 volts applied to DDR3 memory. Their maximum speed is 1.6 Gbps. At least in theory, the memory can deliver potential power and cost savings to large server installations, since a 4 Gb DDR3 consumes about 40% less power than 2 Gb chips in a 16 GB module, Samsung said.

Samsung did not say when the new memory will be commercially available, but don’t expect 4 Gb chips to make it into the mainstream anytime soon. Market research firm IDC estimates that 2 Gb-or-higher DDR3 DRAM will make up just 3% of the total DRAM market in 2009 and 33% in 2011