EU Court to Intel: No delay in antitrust investigation

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EU Court to Intel: No delay in antitrust investigation

Sunnyvale (CA) – Yesterday, a European Commission Court of First Instance (Europe’s second highest court) ruled on an October filing by Intel to delay the investigation into alleged antitrust violations in Europe until such time as they could produce additional documents for its defense. Intel was not granted a delay and the Commission will now proceed without additional documents from Intel, which are claimed necessary in response to documents produced by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

Intel issued a prepared statement which reads in part, “While Intel is disappointed with today’s ruling on interim measures the decision has no bearing on the merits of this case. Certain AMD documents were made part of the record in the European proceeding and Intel sought to demonstrate that those documents indicated that other highly relevant documents existed.”

AMD’s Tom McCoy, executive VP of Legal, Corporate and Public Affairs, said, “The order is entirely consistent with the continuous and clear case law on this issue and Intel’s appeal was simply an attempt to delay the Commission’s decision making process.”

See CNet.