Family dog cloned after cancer, named Lancelot "Encore"

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Family dog cloned after cancer, named Lancelot "Encore"

Boca Raton (FL) – When you purchase, or adopt a new animal of any type you know that one day, more than likely within your lifetime, your pet will die. When Nina and Ed Otto first put their arms around their sweet little yellow Labrador Retriever puppy, named Lancelot, they too knew this was a fact. But when Lancelot died of cancer at the age of 11, they became interested in the concept of cloning their dog, claiming that it was due to their interest in science-fiction.

The couple decided that since having the dogs DNA frozen would do him no harm, that it was exactly what they would do.

After Lancelot’s death, the Ottos found a California based company which claimed they could take the frozen DNA of the dog and produce a clone of their beloved animal. The dog was genetically engineered in South Korea at BioArts International.

Scientists at BioArts International took DNA from Lancelot and inserted into the egg of a Korean dog, the company then inseminated another Korean dog with the fertilized egg. All of this was done for a fee of $155,000.

Ten weeks ago, their new puppy was born.

Named Lancelot Encore, he was flown first class into the Miami International Airport Monday. The family states that the animal looks just like their former pet.

The couple lives on a 12-acre estate located in western Boca Raton. They own nine other dogs, four birds, and a few cats and sheep.

It is the couple’s hope that the dog will have the same personality and intelligence as their first dog, which they loved so much.


With all of the animals euthanized each day, all of the dogs that are in need of a home how could a family feel it is ok to spend that kind of money in an attempt to recreate their dog? I think its wrong. Unwanted pets are a large and growing population, and it should be the desire of a family with this much money to deliver the love they once had for their dog which passed, to a dog that wouldn’t otherwise be able to live another day.