YouTube pulling user videos over Warner Music license dispute

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YouTube pulling user videos over Warner Music license dispute

San Bruno (CA) – An upset and slightly angered YouTube user, Corey Vidal, is irritated that due to the current licensing disagreements between Warner Music Group and YouTube his video (which included music by John Williams) was pulled. Though this is to be expected, his anger stems from the fact that when his videos were uploaded in October, he was allowed to utilize Warner’s music.

Prior to last month, the agreement between YouTube and Warner Music allowed users to create videos which included the label’s content. When it was time for the two companies to discuss the renewal deal, however, it didn’t work out – meaning YouTube users no longer have access to Warner’s music library. As a result, users were now in a new boat. It’s quite different than your typical piracy cases, or even the recent case YouTube had with Viacom. Music that was previously allowed is no longer being allowed, and videos are being pulled because of it.

In 2007, YouTube and Viacom could not come to an agreement regarding a licensing deal. Viacom requested that YouTube remove all of its content. In that instance there was no prior agreement in place, so most individuals who had posted Viacom’s television shows or films had done so without prior authorization. In this instance YouTube users utilized Warner Music’s songs for two years with permission from the label. Now, with no prior warning videos that YouTube users made with Warner’s permission are being pulled.

More than likely a deal won’t be struck in the future between the two companies. What individuals should be aware of is that just because YouTube obtains rights to films, television shows and music on one day, that does not mean that these agreements are set in stone. Those deals don’t work in such a manner, and each YouTube poster should be aware of that when creating content.