Western Digital launches 3.5" 2TB hard drive

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Western Digital launches 3.5" 2TB hard drive

Chicago (IL) – Western Digital (WD) today released the industry’s first 2TB 3.5” hard drive, featuring a massive 500 GB per-platter capacity, which matches the storage density announced by its rival Seagate.

WD’s WD20EADS drive has been mentioned on numerous online shopping sites over the past few weeks. We regularly see online stores updating their websites with upcoming products, so this particular story appeared to be business as usual at first sight.
However, what makes the WD 2TB drive particularly interesting, however, is the fact that WD has never been in the race to have the highest capacity drive out in the market first. Now it seems that WD can take more advantage of its Komag acquisition and challenge Seagate in this discipline as well.

The WD20EADS has a formatted capacity of 2,000,398 MB, which is provided across four 500 GB disks that offer a storage density of 400 Gb per square inch – the highest offered in any production drive at this time. The new model is part of the Caviar Green Drive series, which spin their disks at 7200 rpm drive family and promise a maximum data read speed of 111 MB/s. Power consumption is 7.4 watts under load, 4.0 watts when idle and 0.97 watts when in standby, according to WD.

The suggested retail price of the WD20EADS is $299. 3-disk and 2 disk versions with three or two platters and 1.5 TB or 1 TB capacities are available as well.