Steve Jobs reportedly had surgery – or not

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Steve Jobs reportedly had surgery - or not

Chicago (IL) – The Steve Jobs health rumors entered a new round yesterday, with one publication reporting that the Apple co-founder underwent surgery yesterday. The report, based on someone hearing something, was quickly countered by other reports that were based on other “sources who claimed that Jobs was actually working yesterday.

Valleywag yesterday mentioned that they “heard” that “ailing Apple CEO Steve Jobs checked into Stanford Hospital over the weekend and was scheduled for surgery [yesterday] morning.” The source for this report was a “Stanford Staffer” who apparently told friends during a party in Silicon Valley last Sunday about the “extra special care” given to Jobs at the hospital.

There was no confirmation for this report and while there was the usual interest in a possibly new development around Jobs’ health, other reports popped out claiming that the Valleywag party source was actually wrong. In fact, Jobs attended meetings at Apple on Monday, despite his previously announced six-month medical leave.

So, who is right? We have no idea. Generally speaking, companies do not officially comment on speculation and Apple is even less likely to let out any official statement. While we tend to criticize Apple for its sometimes inconsiderate PR efforts, we have to say they are right on this one. Reporting on a possible critical surgery affecting Jobs’ life, based on what someone said at a weekend party, may not have been the best choice for the writer and the publication.

We know that Jobs is on medical leave to take care of his health and, in the same way we would expect others to respect our privacy, we should respect Jobs’ as well. The last thing he needs right now are more rumors surrounding his health. Enough is enough.