Reports: Blackberry Storm may not be so powerful after all

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Reports: Blackberry Storm may not be so powerful after all

Waterloo, Ontario (Canada) – Several websites are reporting that Research in Motion’s (RIM’s) Blackberry Storm has gotten off to a “bumpy start.” For example, according to The Wall Street Journal, the device has been plagued with technical bugs related to its touch screen, along with lower than desired sales. The Storm may prove to be less powerful than was originally forecast.

The counter argument is that it’s a new offering and these things take time to sort out.

So far, RIM has sold 500,000 Storms – well below iPhone’s 2.4 million 3G devices during their first full quarter on the market (Storm has been on sale now just over two full months, one short of a quarter). One Verizon customer from Morristown, NJ, Steven Golub, is quoted by The Wall Street Journal as saying, “I found myself wanting to throw it in the ocean due to my frustration with its overall usability.” Instead, he returned it shortly thereafter.

According to The Wall Street Journal, “RIM considers the Storm ‘an overwhelming success’ and is making 250,000 devices a week to meet demand.” Storm went on sale on November 21, 2008. 

See The Wall Street Journal.