Yahoo’s Bartz to lay out her plan, deliver the bad news

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Yahoo's Bartz to lay out her plan, deliver the bad news

Sunnyvale (CA) – The Wall Street Journal is reporting that tomorrow, Yahoo’s new CEO, Carol Bartz, 60, will present Yahoo’s Q4’2008 results (which happened before she was at the company). In addition, she will announce details regarding her “turnaround plan.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, “Analysts are expecting Yahoo’s fourth-quarter revenue and profit to have dropped slightly from a year ago as advertisers pull back their budgets faster than many in the industry predicted.”

Bartz is reportedly a very “straight talking” executive. She’s quoted as having said “let’s give [Yahoo] some frickin’ breathing room” (sic) in a conference call announcing her CEO position earlier this month.

According to AFP, Microsoft is rumored to still be interested in Yahoo, and if not Yahoo than in some other way significantly increasing its presence in the search engine business.

See The Wall Street Journal.