Overclock: Asus motherboard takes Intel Core i7 to 5.6 GHz!

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Overclock: Asus motherboard takes Intel Core i7 to 5.6 GHz!

Chicago (IL) – Hot Hardware has posted a screenshot showing how an ASUS P6T6 WS Revolution workstation motherboard took an Intel Core i7 CPU 3.2 GHz Extreme 965 45nm Socket 1366 LGA CPU to 5,611.22 MHz (5.61 GHz). This overclock was carried out by the same Japanese user as previously overclocked to 5.51 GHz, named duck.

This new overclock used a bus speed of nearly 182 MHz and a 31x multiplier. The FSB was operating at 3258 MHz. This represents a 75.4% overclock and, according to HotHardware, “[it’s] almost insurmountable for future challengers.”

Back in December, Hot Hardware posted a 5.51 GHz (73%) overclock with Core i7. They’ve also managed to take AMD’s Phenom II X4 940 themselves to a 3.73 GHz (24.3%) overclock, up from 3.0 GHz stock. Hot Hardware’s overclocks are all on air with only mild voltage increases. No word on duck’s overclocking cooling.

[Note from Rick C. Hodgin: I can’t help but wonder what this story will read like in 10 years because 10 years ago (1999) we hadn’t even reached the 1 GHz milestone yet in CPU clock speed – that would come on March 6, 2000 when AMD released their “AMD Athlon Processor Rockets to 1 GHz” press release.]

See Hot Hardware for the current 5,611.22 MHz overclock. Whew!


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