Microsoft still has eye on Yahoo’s search business

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Microsoft still has eye on Yahoo's search business

Redmond (WA) – Microsoft’s recent layoff of 5,000 employees due to a grim financial report has changed a lot, but one thing will remain the same and that is Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s CEO. Ballmer wants to get his arms around the Yahoo search business. Whether he manages to win the heart of Carol Bartz or not, he doesn’t really care because his goal is investing in Internet search engines to compete with Google.

The New York Times reports that during a conference call with investors on Thursday, Ballmer was asked about a Yahoo search deal. It is said he sounded more optimistic when proclaiming “we would like to do one”. Ballmer also said that he had recently spoken with Bartz.

Ballmer claims that his company will continue to invest in online search, as well as other areas. And even though they just had 5,000 jobs cuts, the company is also planning to add a few thousand jobs back – this time in areas such as a search engine division where the company has observed significant opportunity for growth (and strong income).

Because Microsoft is being hit hard by the recession, the company is going to seriously need to step it up a notch or two in an effort to succeed against what’s proven to be a tough market – online search and advertising.

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