Nvidia launches Quadro NVS 420, 4x 2560×1600 video card

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Nvidia launches Quadro NVS 420, 4x 2560x1600 video card

Santa Clara (CA) – Nvidia’s Quadro NVS 420, a small form factor (SFF) video card which supports up to four 30″ displays at 2560 x 1600 resolutions, was announced on Tuesday. This offering brings below $500 a physically smaller video card with low power requirements and support for professional desktop studios.

Nvidia’s nView software allows the desktop to be spread across multiple displays including region settings. Their virtual desktop extension allows up to 32 different desktops. The Windows Taskbar can be expanded across multiple displays as well.

The Quadro NVS 420, like all modern Nvidia graphics cards, supports the CUDA GPU acceleration library enabling applications by Adobe and others to greatly enhance performance by using GPU resources for compute abilities and not just graphics display.

The Quadro NVS 420 includes 512 MB GDDR3, a 128-bit memory interface (64-bit to GPU), 11.2 GB/s per GPU, CUDA support with 16 cores available, VHDCI connector, support for four displays at 2560 x 1600 resolution each, OpenGL 3.0, DirectX 10.0, Shader model 4.0, 40W power and active cooling, four DisplayPort links, four DVI links, and no support for analog VGA displays. Download full specs (PDF).

Nvidia’s Quadro NVS 420 GPU will be available in February for a MSRP of $499. Nvidia apparently launched the Quadro NVS 420 on Tuesday, but did not publish their press release until today.