Historical image archives making their way to the web

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Historical image archives making their way to the web

Chicago (IL) – In the last century photography has evolved tremendously. Photos that once took days to get developed and returned to you can now be snapped digitally from cameras, cell phones, and other devices and uploaded to a computer and printed out with color inkjet and laser printers in seconds.

With websites such as Flickr, and Photobucket, virtual photo albums are becoming all the rage. Apple’s iPhoto offers a print service which allows custom photo albums to be created online and mailed to you.

Now, today there are a tremendous number of archived photos which have been preserved in national libraries and with different news media operations. These historic photos are now making their way to the Internet.

Last month the German national archive uploaded nearly 100,000 historical photos to the Wikimedia Commons, a virtual archive for any material which has been used in Wikipedia articles.

The photographs donated by the German archive are not the best resolution-wise, but they are completely free.

Other companies have also made a move to heightened individual awareness of old photos. The Library of Congress has been adding photos to their Flickr group – called the Commons. Each week the Library of congress adds 50 photos to their site.

Time Life was also among the companies willing to upload historical photos to the web, and many more will more than likely jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the ability to view historical photos and events online.

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