Researchers believe the Internet is obeying a form of Moore’s Law – for now

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Researchers believe the Internet is obeying a form of Moore's Law - for now

Beijing (China) – The New Journal of Physics is reporting that the Internet is obeying a form of Moore’s Law
where exponential growth is occurring. If it follows along with Skynet from the movie The Terminator, it should become self aware by the year 2020. Just kidding. 🙂

An investigation was conducted by researcher Guo-Qing Zhang of the Institute of Computing Technology at the Chinese Academy of Science as to how the internet is structured and connected. The researchers were able to predict the growth rate and evolutionary patterns by observing routing data in intervals of six months.

The researchers observed the Internet as nodes representing autonomous system – rather than a collection of websites. The team also calculated how the core of the Internet was formed. It was determined that the Internet’s core and the periphery were controlled by different evolutionary mechanisms. It was further determined that the Internet is currently stable, and that most of the new factors contributing to rapid growth rates on the web are in peripheralregions.

These observances are significant because the majority of Internet growth models have assumed that the core and the periphery must obey the same evolving mechanism, and that it was possible for the Internet to just continuously growing forever. If the internet continues to grow as these trends indicate, while obeying a form of Moore’s Law (as it has been shown to do), it will eventually become a bigger burden for the core.